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Teachers Who Pray | High-Stakes Testing

Prayer Call: Teachers Pray For High-Stakes Testing & Post-Break Challenges

Step into a sanctuary of solace and supplication. Join us in a heartfelt journey of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication, as we lift our voices in praise to the Magnificent Majesty above. This week, our prayer supplication focuses on crucial themes: High Stakes Testing, supporting teachers and students as they navigate challenges that arose over...

Teachers Who Pray | Report Card Pickup

Prayercast: Teachers Who Pray Weekly Intentions: Report Card Pickup, Student Behavior, And School Supplies

For this week’s Teachers Who Pray episode, we pray for more school supplies as education transitions even deeper to digital means and meaningful parent-teacher communication during report card pickup. We also pray for teachers and administrators to find new and effective ways to educate young people and better student behavior amid the rampant negativity and...

TWPR 11 | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Superintendents, High Stakes Testing, Student Engagement, And Teacher Workloads

  Teachers, like all people, need consistent prayer in these days of unprecedented complexities.  Praying nurtures your own spirituality, and it helps you in all areas of your profession. In this weekly prayer call for Teachers Who Pray, we focus our collective supplications on superintendents, high stakes testing, student engagement, and teacher workloads. Join us...

Teachers Who Pray | Prayer Call

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Classroom Management, Lunchroom Protocol, And Restroom Procedures

Teachers gain strength and wisdom from God through prayer. As Martin Luther once said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” In this week’s prayer call, educators collectively focus their supplications on three crucial aspects: classroom management, lunchroom protocol, and restroom procedures. Recognizing the profound impact...