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We believe that the single-most effective tool for improving schools is free and under-utilized: prayer. TWP equips educators to ground their work in prayer, faith, and spiritual practices so that teachers bring their best selves into the classroom and students consistently get the academic and social emotional support they need to succeed in school — and in life.

Teachers Who Pray is a nonpartisan, non-denominational 501c(3) nonprofit organization with allegiance and dependence on Jesus Christ alone.

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Why Faith Will Fix Education

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What We Do

Prayer Network

Communing with God is at the center of our education improvement strategy. We pray to God, in the name of Jesus Christ, to show us how to best teach his little precious ones. And when we teachers are down and in despair, God lifts up our heads and moves us forward with a renewed joy and strength. TWP offers educators an opportunity to start TWP chapters at their local school and join a network of praying teachers across the country–and eventually the world. In addition to the resources on this website, we offer a national prayer call on Monday nights 7-8pm CST at so that every teacher can start their week in a community of love, prayer, and support.

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Conferences & Retreats

Each year we host two main events: the EDify Retreat in the fall and the TWP Annual Conference in the spring. We also host various half- and whole-day events to encourage teachers to express their faith in Christ through prayer-driven, excellent teaching. We provide teachers with top-notch presenters–highly skilled and experienced educators who have worked in urban, suburban and rural settings–to help teachers process their daily school challenges with an faith-based lens. These are professional development opportunities that teachers of faith don’t want to miss.

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A strong curriculum is the hallmark of good instruction. Even God provided us with a curriculum–the 66 books of the Bible! TWP is thrilled to offer you our first publication, a 12-month teacher prayer guide entitled, O Heart, Vigilant and Sincere. This weekly devotional was created by six teachers who work in urban, suburban and rural schools around the country. We strongly encourage TWP chapter leaders to use this prayer guide to facilitate their school-based prayer meetings. O Heart, Vigilant and Sincere seeks to unite TWP educators from around the world through weekly themes and scripture text. Please download it today for a donation to Teachers Who Pray of any amount.


US States
US States

School Prayer Map

Select a state to find schools where teachers are praying. Are you a teacher who prays? Register to lead a prayer group at your school here.  Users will not be able to add their names to the prayer map until they have registered.

if you’re ready to lead prayer for your school, we’re ready too!

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