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Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Teacher Observations, Student Engagement, Kindness, And Appropriate Attire

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Did you know that 15 minutes of prayer uses only 1% of your daily 1,440 minutes? These minutes of prayer help you develop a relationship with God, provide answers and help you find God’s direction for your teaching professional practices. In this weekly teachers’ prayer call, we focus our supplications on teacher observations, student engagement, kindness, and appropriate attire. Join us as we implore our loving Lord to grant us with the wisdom to be our best selves at work and in our lives.

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Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Teacher Observations, Student Engagement, Kindness, And Appropriate Attire

Psalm 121, we lift up our eyes to the hills. Where does our help come from? Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Lord, you will not let our feet slip. You watch over us and you do not slumber. Indeed, you watch over Israel. You will neither sleep nor slumber. Lord, you watch over us. You are our shade at our right hand. The sun will not harm you by day nor the moon by night. Lord, you will keep us from harm. You will watch over us our whole life. Lord, you will watch over our coming and our going both now and forever.

Lord God, you are the architect of the earth. All things come under your control. Lord God, you are our burden bearer. We don’t have to worry about anything. You carry all our anxieties. You know every desire of our hearts. Lord, you are the captain of the armies of heaven. You are our destroyer and our defender. Lord, you are the engineer of all things of the universe. Everything moves and breathes under your control, Lord God. Father God, you are firstborn over all creation. You are the God of the generations. Father, you are our hiding place. You are infallible. You are Lord of Jerusalem. Father, you are limitless and matchless and noble. You are royalty. God, you are overall and omega. You are the opener of our hearts.

Jesus, you are quick to hear us. God, you are the rider on the white horse and robe in majesty. God, you are supreme and sinless. Father, you are triumphant, you are unshakeable, and you are the underwriter of everything. God, you are our vindicator, you are victorious, and you are a warrior. Lord, you are the way, the truth, and the life. You are the example we desire to emulate. God, you are Yahweh, you are zealous, and you have zero tolerance for sin. Holy, holy, holy Lord God you are and we praise your name. We give you all our love, Lord. You are matchless. Lord, we love you and you are so worthy of our prayer and of our lives, Lord God. We lift this adoration up to you now. Praise be to you. Amen.

Prayer of confession. Dear heavenly Father, we come to you tonight to confess our sins to each other, to confess our sins to you, and to pray for each other that we may be healed. Your word tells us that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. We acknowledge our sins to you because you are faithful and just. You’ll forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Your word tells us that when we conceal our sins, we do not prosper. When we do confess and renounce our sins, we find mercy. When we become aware that we are guilty of missing the mark, we must confess in what ways we have sinned. Father, these are a few of the areas we will confess.

We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times that we did not think of others more than we thought of ourselves. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times that we looked out for our own interests instead of those of the students and the other people we serve as educators. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times that we actively chose to ignore the admonition that we must have the same attitude as Christ. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent on the times that we look at the here and now instead of meditating on your word that says surely there is a hereafter and we can be assured that our hope will not be deferred.

We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times that we put our trust in our own skills, abilities, and relationships with our administrators, training, college degrees, and professional development instead of putting our trust in you, Lord. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times that we chose to fret and be fearful instead of having faith in the fact that you are our heavenly Father who watches out for us. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times that we fear what parents or even students will say when we need to dole out consequences for times that students did not meet expectations, that they’ve broken rules or they sinned against you.

We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times our supervisors have given us recommendations for instructional improvement and modifications that will help students. In our hearts, we have said, “I’m not doing that. This is too much work. I’m not doing that. I don’t know how to do that, nor do I want to learn.” Father, forgive us. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times when we were impatient, unloving, unkind, and reluctant to offer grace to our students, coworkers, or supervisors.

We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times we chose to lean on our own understanding instead of acknowledging you and calling out to you when we were confused, stuck, or frustrated. We pray that you forgive us and help us repent of the times we gave into a spirit of fear when we were timid or intimidated instead of standing on the fact that you have given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.

Father, we come near to you and we know that you will come near to us. We wash our hands of these sins and we ask for help to purify our hearts and for help with being double-minded. We rejoice that as we repent and turn to you, Lord, that you take our sins and that we can experience a time of refreshing in you. We praise you Lord Jesus and we pray in your name. Amen.

This is a prayer of Thanksgiving. Psalms 100:4 says, enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name. We thank you for covering our sins with the blood of Jesus and for having that plan for sending your only begotten son. Lord, we thank you that we know you as our Lord and Savior, that we can call ourselves your children, be your children, and come boldly to your throne. As we come, we continue to thank you. Father God, we come to you with thanksgiving in our hearts and in our minds. Thank you for keeping us, our families, our friends, our coworkers, and all other individuals connected to our friends, coworkers, families, and students.

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We thank you for guiding us. We thank you for keeping us in perfect peace. No matter the situation, you provide that perfect piece to us. We thank you for the love and kindness that you graciously extend toward us. We thank you for changing minds, lives, and hearts, sending the name of your son Jesus, and we thank you for your conviction. We thank you for the fruit of the spirit that you are growing in us even. When that growth in refinement feels painful, we thank you for it. We thank you for helping to guide us each day.

Thank you, God, for not hiding your face from us. Thank you that we can seek you and when we seek you with all our heart, we will find you. Thank you for building our relationship with you and the same for those around us. We thank you right now in advance for those things that we are praying for, that everybody that you have us witness administered to is coming to you, accepting you fully, and seeing your work in their life. We thank you for the renewal and revival that you have done in our minds and in our hearts. We thank you for goodness and mercy following us. We thank you God for being our champion and in you in Christ, we have our victory. We thank you, Father God, that in the spiritual war, you are still with us.

We thank you that you alone are God and in you alone, we find our strength, peace, and all other good things. We thank you for being intentional. Nothing that’s happening is a surprise to you. You are the beginning and end. We thank you that even in those things that we don’t particularly like, those things that we know are not good situations, you are still present because you’re with us and because you never leave us or forsake us. We know that you say that in your word and we know that your work cannot not come back to your voice. Whatever you say that you’re in, you’re in, Father God, because we know that you’re with us.

We thank you and we receive that you’re with us. We can see you working with us in situations. Even when we don’t see it or feel it, you’re still working. Words cannot describe how good you are but thank you God for the opportunity to praise you. Thank you and thank you for helping us to keep praising you no matter the circumstances. Amen.

Prayer of supplication. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy which you have given us today. Praise and honor to you, our Father. Holy Spirit, we seek your direction in prayer at all times for all types of conversations with God as we take seriously our role in the kingdom work of God as educators. Lord, we are praying for and during all circumstances, which helped us stay on track as we strive to make a difference in the world through our Christlike behavior.

John 16:24 says, Lord, you told us to ask and we will receive. Job 28:24, for he looks through throughout the earth and sees everything under the heaven. Lord, we ask that your presence and wisdom will be with us during our observations. Lord, help us to prepare lessons that provide clear context in demonstrating the goal of the lesson, its relationship to the state curriculum, or any particular aspect of the lesson that we would like the observer to notice. Lord, allow the technology to work as it should during our observation. Additionally, Lord, help us to create a backup plan if for some reason we need to shift from technology.

Lord, help us not to present a dog and pony show during an observation, but an authentic lesson that continues to benefit the academic needs of our students and fits into whatever we are currently teaching. Our students aren’t wondering why we’re learning something totally unrelated to what they’ve been studying. Lord, help us to use the best lesson strategy that our students are familiar with and to check for their understanding, and to answer their questions. Lord, help us with our cues to encourage student participation during our observation. Let our interactions show the positive relationships we have with our students.

Lord, help us to use the wait time to allow students to think before volunteering to answer. Lord, allow the student’s behavior to be on point and receptive to our reminders about the expected classroom behavior. Lord, we are seeking your guidance and presence during our classroom observation as we seek in our classroom daily. Lord, let us have an observer like in Psalm 78:72, who has an upright heart and guides us with a skillful hand. Lord, as educators who recognize that the students themselves are key to their own process of learning and that the students must be active discoverers of their own knowledge.

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Lord, help us to use some of Jesus’ teaching models of analogies, parables, storytelling, meeting students where they are, and the use of familiarity with their environment to engage our students. Lord, we claim Joshua 1:9 for our students. Lord, fill our students with strong desires for wisdom and knowledge. Give our students the courage to pull away from anything that will hinder them from gaining the most of their educational experience. Lord, anoint our students to regularly conduct themselves with the appropriate behaviors expected during specific activities and routines, enabling them to be active participants in their own learning.

Lord, anoint our students to make meaning of what they are studying by putting in intellectual effort and working through challenging ideas. Let our students care about the subject and feel motivated or excited to learn. Lord, we thank you for continuing to be present in our classroom. Lord, we claim Ephesians 1:18-19A. We ask that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, that you may know the hope of his calling, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his comparable great power for us who believe. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.