Teachers Who Pray

We Pray

We are creating a network of teachers, both locally and nationally, who support each other in faith, prayer, and spiritual conversations. We accomplish this through:

• Local TWP school chapters praying together at least once a week

• Monday night national prayer call

• Requests for prayer and encouragement exchanged on the TWP website

• Weekly Teachers Who Pray podcasts

We Teach

We equip educators to effectively and legally live out their faith while working in the classroom. Our objective is to help teachers address the academic and other challenges that they and their students face.

We Lead

We are elevating teacher voice about the ways in which faith in God has inspired and empowered educators to transform their teaching practice and bring healing and reconciliation to students, families, colleagues and entire communities. We are involved in organized prayer initiatives. The online TWP network also fosters an environment where teachers lead each other through a robust exchange of ideas on lesson planning, classroom management, and God-inspired problem-solving strategies.

For additional information, click here to download the TWP Case for Support