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About Us

We are a network of educators that equips and supports teachers to ground their work in faith, prayer, and spiritual practices

Because education is more than an intellectual pursuit, it requires a holistic approach that improves the non-cognitive conditions that drive teacher performance and student success.


teachers are human

Sometimes we have our own personal problems: marital issues, financial struggles, health concerns, anxiety, depression. The scope of our work can also be overwhelming. We need to give 100 percent of ourselves in the classroom everyday to take students where they need to go.

teaching is divine

The Bible has much to say about the pursuit of education, knowledge, and wisdom. In fact, the words used to describe some faith leaders–rabbis, imams, and gurus–can all be translated as “teacher.” It’s no different in secular education. School teachers play a powerful role in young people’s lives, and the diligence, discernment, and patience needed to do the work well only comes from above.

teachers are struggling

Studies affirm time and time again that teachers are the number one school-based factor that determines the level of student achievement. Yet there are so little resources to support the social emotional wellbeing (human-ness) of teachers who are often stretched to their limit on a daily basis, especially those serving the most vulnerable communities. Instead, teachers are often treated as widgets, a means to an end.

However, when teachers begin to invite God (the divine) into their professional world, they discover that prayer and faith go a long way towards restoring peace, joy and hope in their hearts–which transforms their instructional practice and inspires their students.

teachers who pray = humanity + the divine

TWP exists to cultivate the social emotional, professional, and spiritual health of teachers, which together result in a much-needed wholistic approach to education where both teachers and students thrive.

We have a three-part strategy:

we teach

We equip educators to effectively and legally live out their faith while working in the classroom. Our objective is to help teachers address both the academic and social emotional challenges that they and their students face. We do this through two primary activities:

    • Conferences, retreats, and “coffee talks” — Experienced educators, researchers, and experts deliver faith-rich presentations on important school topics like:
      • restorative discipline practices
      • racial equity and reconciliation
      • home visits
      • bereavement support
      • knowledge-based instruction
      • trauma-informed instruction
      • religious rights in public schools

      These programs help teachers develop a consistent, Christ-honoring posture toward their colleagues, students, and families. They also provide teachers a safe place to brainstorm ways to infuse their faith into their daily profession.

  • Publications — Curriculum and forthcoming books will allow TWP educators who are not able to attend the in-person events to access the valuable information shared at these gatherings.

we pray

We are creating a network of teachers, both locally and nationally, who support each other in faith, prayer, and spiritual conversations. We accomplish this through:

  • Local TWP school chapters praying together at least once a week
  • Monday night national prayer call
  • Requests for prayer and encouragement exchanged on the TWP website

we lead

We are elevating teacher voice about the ways in which faith in God has inspired and empowered educators to transform their teaching practice and bring healing and reconciliation to students, families, colleagues and entire communities. The online TWP network also fosters an environment where teachers lead each other through a robust exchange of ideas on lesson planning, classroom management, and God-inspired problem-solving strategies. This happens through:

  • Blogging, podcasting, and other media outlets
  • Social media
  • Speaking engagements
  • Advocacy events and opportunities
  • The TWP websited
Start A Chapter

Start a Chapter

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Your Legal Rights

Your Legal Rights

Be informed. Knowing what you’re allowed to do as a teacher builds trust around you.

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