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June Prayers

1. Encouraging words and for teachers on peace: Pastor Merrick Deans
2. Schools and for children struggling with mental health: Gina Watts
3. Custodians: Dr. Eric Forsbergh DDS
4. Families: Rev. Tiffany Smith Deans
5. Counselors: Belinda Barnett
6. Leaders of the Country: Cassandra Ferguson
7. Law Enforcement officers of violence: Pastor Victor Torres

March Prayers

1. Encouraging words and prayer on rest: Pastor James Tharrington
2. Encouraging words and prayer from Psalm 16 Stacy Callender
3. Administration: Pastor Steven Pettis, Jr.
4. Families:  Lady Donna Hayes
5.Janitorial and security staff:Pastor Aaron Kennedy
6.Guidance counselors: Pastor Hunter Bailey
7.The Church: Pastor Samuel Hayes

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National Prayer Call

Monday September 19, 2022
Featuring Pastor Mark Jobe