Teachers Who Pray

TWPR 11 | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Superintendents, High Stakes Testing, Student Engagement, And Teacher Workloads

  Teachers, like all people, need consistent prayer in these days of unprecedented complexities.  Praying nurtures your own spirituality, and it helps you in all areas of your profession. In this weekly prayer call for Teachers Who Pray, we focus our collective supplications on superintendents, high stakes testing, student engagement, and teacher workloads. Join us...

Teachers Who Pray | Prayer Call

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Classroom Management, Lunchroom Protocol, And Restroom Procedures

Teachers gain strength and wisdom from God through prayer. As Martin Luther once said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” In this week’s prayer call, educators collectively focus their supplications on three crucial aspects: classroom management, lunchroom protocol, and restroom procedures. Recognizing the profound impact...

TWPR 6 | Prayer For Teachers

Prayercast: Prayer Power For Teachers: Lesson Plans, Content Understanding, And Scope And Sequence

When teachers are praying for teachers, we are inviting the God of the Universe into our professional practices, classrooms and school buildings. Prayer changes us and those environments. Through prayer, we utilize the key to reaching our full teaching potential through Christ. We use the A.C.T.S. Prayer Model: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. This week’s...

TWPR 5 | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Teacher Observations, Student Engagement, Kindness, And Appropriate Attire

  Did you know that 15 minutes of prayer uses only 1% of your daily 1,440 minutes? These minutes of prayer help you develop a relationship with God, provide answers and help you find God’s direction for your teaching professional practices. In this weekly teachers’ prayer call, we focus our supplications on teacher observations, student...

Teachers Who Pray | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Superintendents, Immigrants, Jewish Students And Teachers, And Sharing Our Faith During The Christmas Season

  We are called to pray, go, and serve. We do this by locking arms with other Christian educators. We are truly better together. This week, we are focusing our collective supplications on superintendents, immigrants/newcomers, Jewish students/teachers, mindsets/heart postures to be turned towards God, and opportunities to share our faith during the Christmas season. Join...