Teachers Who Pray

TWPR 11 | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Superintendents, High Stakes Testing, Student Engagement, And Teacher Workloads

  Teachers, like all people, need consistent prayer in these days of unprecedented complexities.  Praying nurtures your own spirituality, and it helps you in all areas of your profession. In this weekly prayer call for Teachers Who Pray, we focus our collective supplications on superintendents, high stakes testing, student engagement, and teacher workloads. Join us...

TWPR 5 | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Teacher Observations, Student Engagement, Kindness, And Appropriate Attire

  Did you know that 15 minutes of prayer uses only 1% of your daily 1,440 minutes? These minutes of prayer help you develop a relationship with God, provide answers and help you find God’s direction for your teaching professional practices. In this weekly teachers’ prayer call, we focus our supplications on teacher observations, student...

Teachers Who Pray | Teachers Prayer

Prayercast: Teachers’ Prayer Call For Appropriate Technology Usage And Policy, Student Engagement And Attention, Positive And Product Mindsets

  Prayer is an important part of a teacher’s daily professional preparation time. During these times of conversations with God, we receive instruction, revelations and guidance. For this weekly prayer call, we focus on appropriate technology usage and policy; engagement and attention; and positive/productive mindsets. Join us and let our supplications be heard for the...