You must work in a school to join a Teachers Who Pray chapter, but you do not have to be a classroom teacher. To preserve confidentiality, parents should not attend your TWP meetings.

Thank you for deciding to join Teachers Who Pray. You have two registration options, depending on if there is an existing TWP chapter at your school.

Chapter Leaders must be professing Christians who agree with and will abide by the Ten Tenets of Teachers Who Pray.

Chapter Members may be any employee in a school who agree to respect and honor all Ten Tenets of Teachers Who Pray, agree to see what TWP offers in terms of spiritual support, community building, and school transformation.

Before you can register, you must read through the Ten Tenets and check each tenet. By checking each tenet, you agree that you have read it.


The Ten Tenets of Teachers Who Pray

• Prayer is a powerful method of communicating with God, and during times of prayer, God can, and does,  communicate with the one praying.

• The Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments) is the Word of God by which God communicates with us and is the standard by which we should test our plans and actions.

• Teachers Who Pray is a non-denominational Christian organization whose foundational belief is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for the sins of man, rose from the dead on the third day, and now offers eternal life to anyone who submits their life to His authority.

• We pray to God only in the name of Jesus Christ during Teachers Who Pray meetings.

• Participation in Teachers Who Pray activities, including prayer times, are open to all faculty/staff regardless of their religious beliefs or denominational affiliations, as long as they agree to be respectful of the TWP Tenets and individual TWP chapter meeting norms.

• All personal prayer requests and discussions shared during the Teachers Who Pray group meetings are confidential. We are building trusting, supportive relationships that can encourage spiritual growth, boost school morale, and change the lives of teachers, staff, students, and communities.

• Teachers Who Pray meetings will NOT be used for gossip, slander, or any other negative speech through my words or the words of others.

• At least half of the time allotted for the TWP meeting should be spent in prayer (not small talk, prayer requests, etc.), so that there is ample time to draw close to God.

• TWP strongly urges its chapters to hold prayer meetings in school at least once a week.

• Teachers Who Pray prayer meetings must never be held in the presence of students, especially if I work in a public school. I understand that teacher-to-teacher prayer in school is absolutely legal. However, I know that the U.S. Supreme Court has determined it generally impermissible for a teacher to pray with students or in the presence of students while working in a public school. Doing so could result in disciplinary actions against me, including termination. I will pray with teachers before or after school, or on my duty-free lunch break, in a space that is free of students.

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