Who We Are

TWP welcomes all teachers who are seekers of God. Our vision is that “every student, every teacher, and every school will be covered in prayer everyday.” We call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to show us how to transform schools across America and beyond. more

Why We Pray

Prayer is the most effective, though under-utilized, tool we have to effect change. The spiritual crisis of our day has allowed gangs, violence, and despair to plague our school communities. TWP understands that spiritual problems demand spiritual solutions. more

A Right to Pray

Under the law, teachers praying privately on their breaks is no different than teachers socializing privately on their breaks. Before or after school are also appropriate times to exercise our right to free speech through prayer. So why gossip when we can pray? more

Get Involved

We strongly encourage at least three staff members in every school to join TWP. As we privately pray together at work, our morale will improve, our faith will increase, and God will answer our prayers. Sign up to be a prayer warrior for your school today! more

School Prayer Map

Select a state to find schools where teachers are praying. Are you a teacher who prays? Register to lead a prayer group at your school here.  Users will not be able to add their names to the prayer map until they have registered.

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