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You Can Still Find The Good In God

By Andrea Parker

Covid-19 has spread like gossip. The majority of businesses are closed. Schools are empty. More than six million of America’s workforce have been fired, furloughed or laid off. And the numbers continue to rise. Over a hundred thousand abrupt deaths have caused grief in homes which most are confined due to social distancing mandates. Heartbreak, inconvenience, and fear of the unexpected future is painted all over our faces as we tread in unchartered water.

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Destiny Discovered & Defined During Destruction

By Shanay Jones

Could the scariest and most defining time in my life be what I had been requesting in my prayers? As a leader of the prayer team at my school and pastor of my own ministry, I had experienced the first panic attack of my life when coronavirus greeted the world with its ugly face. My heart would quiver when I saw the news or even see the picture of the virus. 

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