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We invite you to use the discussion system below to post prayer requests and praise reports.

Prayer Requests

  • 6/20/12 Dear Teachers,
    I wonder if you have a knowledge base that I may draw from.  Are you aware of any quality of life grants afforded to teachers?  Because of suffering from credit card fraud, I have the need to raise funds for rent.  Our landlord is trying to be patient, but we still need to pay.  Please pass this on to any prayer lists you can.
  • God bless,
  • 1/10/11  Dear Teachers,
    Please be in prayer for our district –
    Last week a 9th grade student  ran directly into traffic and was killed after being hit by two cars. His sister is one of my special ed students.  It was later learned that he had been robbed for drug money.  The boy was chasing the thief to get his money back.  Meanwhile, it was witnessed by a boy (also in my class) who’s mom happened to be the first car to hit the 9th grade boy.  That student can’t get the visual out of his head.
    Pray for these two families, and  that the school community will recognize the evil of the common denominator- drugs – and take this and turn it into a positive outcome.
    Pray also for the Christian teachers that they may be a source of  strength, wisdom and encouragement to all those around them.Thanks in Jesus Name!
    Katie L.
    6th Grade Special Ed Teacher

Praise Reports

  • 1/10/11 You’re site looks great! I can’t wait to start prayer in my school! –Monica S., Chicago, IL
  • 1/1/12: TWP finally has a website! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
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