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Theory of Change

the problem

The act of teaching is profoundly spiritual. To effectively meet the academic and social-emotional needs of each and every student, teachers must possess a divine skillset–love, joy, patience, diligence, discernment, forgiveness, justice. Yet, teachers receive little to no professional development that speaks to the deep faith and spirituality that is often needed to access and sustain those essential divine qualities.

the solution

As the demands and expectations put on teachers continue to grow, the support they receive must also grow to be more wholistic. Teachers Who Pray (TWP) provides a faith-based approach to professional development that addresses teachers’ body, mind, and spirit. TWP applies biblical principles and educational research/best practices to fortify teachers spiritually and help maximize their academic and social-emotional impact on students.

Start A Chapter

Start a Chapter

Ready to start gathering for prayer? We’ve made it simple to join Teachers Who Pray.


Your Legal Rights

Your Legal Rights

Be informed. Knowing what you’re allowed to do as a teacher builds trust around you.

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