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You Can Still Find The Good In God

You Can Still Find The Good In God

By Andrea Parker

Covid-19 has spread like gossip. The majority of businesses are closed. Schools are empty. More than six million of America’s workforce have been fired, furloughed or laid off. And the numbers continue to rise. Over a hundred thousand abrupt deaths have caused grief in homes which most are confined due to social distancing mandates. Heartbreak, inconvenience, and fear of the unexpected future is painted all over our faces as we tread in unchartered water.

            Still, in the midst of the pain, uncertainty, and forced adjustments, God still demonstrates his goodness every day and it is imperative that we recognize and testify of it. Practicing this habit can promote hope and show God is good even in a crisis. Just take a moment and allow God to reveal it to you.

            Today, I stole away from the numerous Zoom meetings, and I took a moment to walk barefoot in my backyard–something I rarely get a chance to do. I noticed the new spring grass inching up and flower petals budding.  I felt the sun resting on my forehead with a fresh wind drifting through my maxi dress. I felt peace as I was surrounded by God’s creation. So I raised my hand high and shouted God is good.

            My oneness with the world and God was interrupted by my 18-year old son telling me I had a call from my mother. She couldn’t wait to inform me about all the makeshift masks she saw shoppers wearing in the grocery store. She said she saw people using scarves with tape and baby pampers plastered across their faces. I laughed so hard until I came up with a cute idea to put a New Year’s party favor hat over my face. My son and I took a picture and posted ith on Facebook. Seeing the smile on my only son’s face and hearing the laughter of my mother made me say, “God is good.”

            These sudden series of events prompted me to create a list of how God has shown His goodness during the past month. It took less than one minute to come up with five things.

  1.     I’m still alive and healthy.
  2.     I got the opportunity to write a monthly blog for Teachers Who Pray.
  3.     My students emailed me saying how much they missed me.
  4.     My hairstylist is still working from home.
  5.     I lost two desperately needed pounds.

            Though Covid-19 has infected so many people, more people have survived the virus than those who have not. Though schools have shut down, students can still learn remotely. Stores selling essential items are open for business, unemployment benefits are available for most newly unemployed workers. Stimulus checks are on the way. Medical professionals and researchers are working around the clock to save lives. As we shelter in place, there are fewer distractions so we can focus on God and be still in His presence.

            I predict Covid-19 that will diminish sooner than we think, but in the meantime, rather than panic or feed into the negativity, find the blessings in God and say, “God is good.”

Andrea Parker is blessed to merge her calling to teach and to write in her role as a middle school English teacher in Chicago, where she grew up. Her education career spans 16 years. Additionally, she is the co-founder of the non-profit organization The Write Café, where she helps children, families, and couples improve their writing creativity. Andrea is an education blogger and cohosts a podcast called CTU Speaks! Andrea is also the mother of an 18-year-old son.

Teachers Who Pray welcomes blog submissions from educators and school staff of faith who want to encourage the body of Christ during the COVID19 pandemic. Submit your 400-600 word blog post by emailing it (or sharing it with editing permissions via Google docs) to We are selecting entries on a rolling basis and will edit the piece in collaboration with you before publication.

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