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Hope Amid Empty Hallways

Hope amid empty hallways

By Doris Negron

Empty hallways 
Empty classrooms 
Empty lunchrooms 

No laughter to be heard
Or smiles to be seen
No questions to answer
Or bandaids to give out

Field trips canceled
Washington D.C. graduation trip postponed

What do I do now?
What is going to happen next?
Will our eighth graders have a graduation ceremony?
Will they say goodbye to all the people who have made an impact?

So many unknowns
So many questions
But…there is one certainty we have

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the HOPE we affirm, 
For God can be trusted to keep his PROMISE” Hebrews 10:23

His Promise …

To keep us safe
To provide
To strengthen 
To give us joy
To prevail

And most importantly

To love unconditionally

As we wait for our leaders to make the decision as to whether teachers can report back to work or not, let us not forget to reach out to one another in love. Send a video to your students and show them you are thinking about them. Lend a helping hand to your neighbor. God is calling us to be light in the midst of darkness. We have a hope to share with the world that is everlasting and beautiful. 

Doris Negron is an accomplished school administrator in Chicago Public Schools. With over 15 years of experience, Doris served as K-5th grade teacher before holding several school leadership positions to implement new initiatives. Doris has a keen passion for developing school staff and is committed to professional growth. An avid, life-long learner, she has a conviction for presenting current educational research to staff to improve pedagogical practices. Presently, Doris is a resident principal at a middle school and looks forward to leading her own school in the fall.

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