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How to Pray for the New Teacher in Your Child’s Life

Pray for the teacher as she looks at her summer to do list; she might not’ve had a vacation or success in taking care of needs.  Pray for the teacher as she needs to be refreshed and healthy; her summer may’ve included loss, grief, disappointment, or trial.  Pray for the teacher as she has concerns about how her relationships will change with the school year starting: daycare, marriage, family, needy children.  Pray for the teacher as she gets her classroom ready; she may have to move rooms, may not have supplies yet, or might have issues to address.  Pray for the teacher as she attends staff development and meetings; she may have requirements to meet or assignments to finish.

Pray for the teacher as she re-connects with fellow staff & faculty; some working relationships might be challenging.  Pray for the teacher as she sorts through curriculum; a change in grade level, publisher, or requirements can be difficult.  Pray for the teacher as she begins to do her planning; teachers have so much to pack in, and the unexpected will enter in.  Pray for the teacher as she receives information about her students; she needs openness, insight, wisdom, and compassion.  Pray for the teacher as she meets a whole new group of parents; parent relationships are crucial to the success of students & teachers.

Every teacher is a real person who goes to the grocery store, does laundry, has dinner with friends, cries, hurts, and worries. She needs the Kleenex and the hand sanitizer, but most of all, she needs your prayers.

–Julie Sanders

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