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Pray for Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The recent school shooting in this small, quiet New England town reminds us all that no place on earth is safe. The only true place of security is in the Lord Jesus Christ. We ask Jesus to wrap his loving arms around this suffering community, and use our prayers to hinder such acts of violence from occurring again.

As teachers, we cannot even process the thought of losing a whole class of primary students, our principal, and fellow colleagues from a shooting inside our school building.  This tragedy seems almost too much to bare.  That’s why Teachers Who Pray has to intercede for the families of the deceased and the survivors of this tragedy.

Teachers Who Pray chapters gather in our various schools every week to call on God to protect our school community, give us direction on how to best handle situations at school, and help us let the love of Christ shine in all we do. Now we will ask God to pour out his loving grace on our grieving comrades in Newtown, Connecticut. This community is desperately in need of healing, hope, and comfort.

If you are a believing teacher, please consider starting a Teachers Who Pray chapter at your school to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of our children and our communities.  We cannot afford to allow the enemy to take over our schools! Through our prayers, we can limit the works of the evil one, and bring hope to those in despair.

As we bring the first year of Teachers Who Pray to a close, we have 19 registered chapters in nine states (and counting!).  We have a very small staff, but God is growing us as an organization. Thank you for all who have joined in our mission! We are praying for the safety and education of our children. We are praying for our teachers, school administrators, and education policymakers. We are praying that God will give this generation and the next a heart that is sensitive toward him and his principles.

Please commit to praying for Sandy Hook Elementary School community everyday. This will be a very difficult Christmas for this town, and the New Year will be one of tremendous sadness. Invite other Christian teachers at your school to join in with your prayers.  Start a TWP chapter at your school today!

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