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  • Monica Sims

    This site looks great so far! Can’t wait to get involved and start the prayer team at school.

  • I am so proud of the progress of this movement and stand in agreement that God will continue to promote those who understand that education advocacy must be taken to the highest level. Teachers, pray without ceasing!

    • msrhames

      Thanks, Pastor Brooks, for all your love and support! Together in prayer, we can make a long-lasting impact on our students and our school communities.

  • Sherry T.

    Marilyn –

    I first decided not write anything because I am not a very good writing…but then God put it on my heart to do so. The speaker’s message last night was so encouraging to me I feel should I need to write about. I also feel the urge to put a declaimer in place for any spelling or grammatical errors I will certainly make. After all, this site is for teacher and I am not a teacher and writing was my worst subject. I am just some who loves the Lord and feel this website is a great ministry for Marilyn.

    Jesus said himself that HE had to be about his father’s business. God has plenty work for all of us to do. We should all have a ministry appointed by God. Last night Pastor Mathis invited an Elder, which was ordained with her many years ago under Bishop Poole. Together they consisted 2 of 3 ministries in the last group ministers to be ordained. The Elder told us the other 2 ministries who later become pastors of their own churches…and that is where God laid them. However, God kept him on the same path. He stayed in the fields spreading the good news while: going to prisons, nursing homes, preaching and feeding the hungry on the street corners, on the jobs, or wherever God lead him. He continued to work in unity around the church raising money and doing odd jobs for the up building of God’s kingdom. He never felt intimidate or had the desire to compete with others ministers…he was just doing what God told him to do. I was so encourage by his message last night.

    I just what to say to I’m so glad that God has shown you, Marilyn, your ministry…now you must be about your father’s business. I hope this was an encouragement to you continue the work of our God despite what comes your way. God work must continue. I too, have to be about my father business in my ministry.


    • msrhames

      Thank you Sherry for your encouragement! God bless you in your ministry, as well!

  • Lori Owens

    Ms. Rhames,
    I read your blog “Diary of a Mad Black Teacher” on EdWeek today. I was curious about you after reading your reference to the need for prayer, so I followed the link on your name and found this website. As a Christian teacher in an urban high school I, too, feel the need for prayer. We have a group of Christian teachers who meet every Friday morning at 7:15am to pray for our school, our teachers, our administration and our students. I plan to share your website with the group this Friday. We will pray for God to encourage you in your endeavor and for God to raise up praying teachers in every school in America. God bless you as you fight the good fight.

    • msrhames

      Hi Lori,

      Thank you for your message, and I apologize for reading it so long after you wrote it. I am so glad to hear that teachers at your schools are praying! I will reach out to you off line to see if we could form a formal relationship.

      God bless you,

  • Rhue

    I received and read the daily devotional attached below. It gave me a sense of peace, especially enough peace to calm me positively in order to interact with my own three children, mind you, only after: chaperoning a field trip of 50 + third graders; focusing on curriculum and state standards with colleagues; spending Father’s Day with my children and their father; hosting an in-my-house play date involving eight children; supporting and congratulating eighth grade graduates on their successes and readiness for high school; creating and administering a final exam for middle schoolers; and other things supporting the well-being of children in my school building and in my home.

    This run down of my past week’s itinerary all connect to where I started from: 1 Corinthians 12 4:7. Nurturing my gifts through service for others in order to do His will.

    “Children are work in God’s clothing.” -Unknown

    I first read and used that quote while serving as a Kindergarten substitute teacher during the kindergarten graduation at the elementary school where most children from Robert Taylor Home projects went to school. Some may have been living in an unfair environment however, they were and children still are deserving of a quality education and safe environment to develop from.

    I have been an educator and life-long learner ever since then, over a decade ago mainly because of that quote and that school.

    I knew that I wanted to work alongside God from that moment on. I don’t know a better trusted supporter, motivator, and friend to work with and even for. Yes, facilitating education is work, but it is worthwhile work. Therefore, I will do my best to continue to serve Him through children via educating them and supporting their teachers.

    ~May God Continue to Bless You

    June 20, 2012

    Our Gifts for His Kingdom

    Read | 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

    Many people hear the word “serve” and feel that they do not have the necessary qualities to make a difference in others’ lives. This is true–apart from God. But He has gifted each of us in unique ways with a purpose in mind. His plan for us involves using these talents to serve Him for the good of others.

    Satan would like us to believe otherwise. Our Enemy wants us to notice what others are doing and then to feel inferior. For instance, I have heard women say, “I am just a homemaker.” They see people preaching and singing in the choir and wish they could accomplish something so great for God. Friends, there could be nothing further from the truth. An enormous responsibility rests with those who train their children in righteousness.

    In fact, the Holy Spirit has gifted each believer for specific work in God’s kingdom. Scripture explains this idea by a comparison with a human body: each person has gifts and purposes that make the entire system function well. But if the heel wants the eye’s role, the whole being will lose balance.

    Each part is crucial, even though some are less noticeable than others. Truthfully, those with less apparent talents have an advantage because pride and self-sufficiency may be less of a temptation.

    Notice how Peter defined himself: “a bond-servant and apostle of Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 1:1). He was no longer a man motivated by self-interest. Once He followed Jesus, he saw himself as a servant of God. We, too, are called to serve the King of Kings with whatever abilities we are given.

  • Noah

    Why should teachers pray with kids at school

    • Marilyn Rhames

      Teachers should NEVER pray with kids at school. Teachers are only permitted to pray with EACH OTHER during off-duty hours when students are not present. This is extremely important to understand. Click on the “Your Legal Rights” tab for a more detailed explanation. Thank you!

  • Kironde Hearn

    Good morning, I live in Chicago and new to this forum, much needed forum and service needless to say. I’m an African male starting a service that represent parents in the school. I represent parents who can’t make parent/teacher conferences, report card pick up or general check-in on their childs progress in school. So i become an extensions of sorts from the home to the school and school to the home. I don’t aalow parents to abdicate their responsibility….just doing my part to help. Nuff said, who should I talk to regarding utilization of this service to schools, parents, etc. Thanks